Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Baguio Escapade...

We left for Baguio City from Manila at 11 in the evening. It was freezing onboard Victory Liner so I took the luxury of sleeping as I was exhausted with the trip from Gensan to Manila and strolling MOA to bid the time for the baguio trip.

With the 7 hours trip from Manila, I only woke up and saw the stop over in Tarlac, other than that I was asleep all the time.

Arriving in Baguio at past 5 am on November 23 with a rainy weather was totally appalling for me. My legs were shaking due to the coldness of the weather and my clothes which to my expectation were already a comfort in the cold weather was unfortunately not enough. Unforeseen events pushed us (me, aca, lrb, te' tiny, te miday, gary, manang emmylou) to change board & lodging reservations thus we were compelled to wait a few hours at Andok's along Session Road to find a better home to stay.

Good thing, the Villa Catalina (i will post more about this) owned by kuya ray and ate cena along Ferguson Road is available for us to stay. A room good for 7 person is just so perfect for us. We were provided with comfort plus they were "bisaya" too thus making us felt closer to home.

Our stay in Baguio was really fun. We were able to stroll in Burnham Park, SM Baguio, The Mansion, Mines View PArk, Strawberry Fields, Lourdes Grotto, PMA, Camp John Hay and the Wagwagan along Maharlika Complex. The Session Road was fun at night. It seems that people walking along Session Road is endless. And finding Beso Beso was a delight that the store personnel had to remind us that its already late and they were about to close for the night.

I never had much walking marathon in my life until that night we were accompanied by kuya ray to go wagwagan along Harrison and Maharlika. However, despite my tired body and sored feet it felt good anyway as the weather was so cool and overwhelming. You rarely get to sweat in Baguio. We left Baguio on the dawn of 27. I felt sad leaving the place as I really have enjoyed the trip. Villa Catalina is awesome plus kuya ray and jerson were so accommodating and Hersheys too is such a sweet welcoming sight.

It was really worth the wait to have this unforgettable trip.

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