Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Its been raining a lot lately in this southern part of Mindanao which made me thought of how life has been with rain.

Rain is a state of melancholy for me. It reminds me of many sad thoughts and events in my life. As the water drips outside the window I also start to reminisce my past, of things that has long gone by, of pains that made me shed buckets of tears.

Life has been cruel. I never had an inkling how painful it is when once heart gets broken by those of whom she loves.

Losing loved ones too is painful. Its like losing a piece of yourself that you can never get back. Even how hard you try to forget about the pain, it just wouldn’t go so easily after all, loving is not a simple thing.

However, like the rain in our own time we will just stop falling. Living is fighting and getting hurt is envitable. And that once in a while its good to see the rain outside our window pane. Somehow, despite the sad thought it brings I still want to see rain.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have known Mr. Bariles, blogger or Kuya Avel way back in my Junior Prex Days. We were quite very active then in the organization in that year 1999. But after a year or 2 we lost touch because I was kinda busy with work and studies.

However, 4 years after we meet again. This time it was in the office of our boss and I was so glad seeing him there. He was a welcome sight after feeling alienated entering the office on a busy Monday morning trying to get a chance to have a personal audience with his boss who will decide for my destiny that time. I would never forget that day kuya.

Aside from so many things that I will be forever grateful with Kuya Avel I'm also thankful for his never ending reminder for me to learn and practice the art of blogging. I never took things seriously as I'm so busy with so many stuff to attend.

But not until one day, he really sat on my desk and started creating a blog for me. He taught me the basic things and lo and behold I was back to writing again. It was like a part of me is free again. After being enclosed with discouragement, rejection, pain, sadness and death of my loved ones I have started to soar again.

I have realized there are greater heights I can soar to when I joined the very successful and recently concluded MBS2 in Gensan where Kuya Avel was the Event Director and Chairman. The blogosphere is a vast field where I can explore many ideas to blog on and at the same time my therapy for my lost soul.

Again, my profound gratitude kuya for this wonderful experience and I'm looking forward to reading more inspiring blogs from you not only for the good of Gensan but for the whole of Mindanao.

Happy, Happy 1st Blogoversary.


This post has long been overdue..sorry Mr. Bariles..was kinda busy and out of this world.

Anyways, The 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit with its Theme: “Mindanawon Paminawon Intawon: Blogging the Mindanao Consciousness” was held last October 25, 2008 at Family Country Hotel and Convention Center of General Santos City. It was a raining cats and dogs on that Saturday but nevertheless I woke up early to make sure Liann and Retche, my 2 buddies in the office will be able to attend the summit as promised..

I was somewhat apprehensive at first if I can attend the summit as there were earlier plans on that same day which unfortunately and somehow luckily was cancelled. However, when we arrived at the venue i felt doubtful with my presence there as mostly the participants were youngsters..(im quite young pa din naman) hehehe..Good thing, there were a few officemates of mine who attended which made me at ease all the while.

I was attentive the whole time..I never knew the blogging world is such a powerful tool to bring things, places and all sorts into greater heights. I was totally amazed with Jester - with his talk on “An Outsider Pundits about Mindanao Politics, History and Commentary. It was refreshing to hear him talk about Mindanao in another perspective knowing it was his first time here.

Another great speaker was Ms. Aileen Apolo of Google Philippines, she was such an amazing speaker. Despite the fact that her schedule to talk is after lunch time, I never felt sleepy nor did I even yawn. I learned so many things from her after all she is from Google, my number 1 search engine. It was fun and thrilling to hear all the speakers talk on things a new “B” like me never knew could be possible in the blogosphere!

Im glad im into blogging even once in a while. This I owe all because of Mr. Bariles..He never stopped “making kulit.” He even posted the MBS2 poster in my wall in the office for me to be reminded of joining the event.

Thanks was really fun..i get to learn how to earn thru blogging and i love the freebies..and the sashimi night and fellowship dinner was really fun… I enjoyed the shindig with retche, liann, kuya ruckie, ate myla, ate mhak, bosing elmer, dexter and balyena and we danced the night away..

Here are some pictures courtesy of Ate Myla:



Missing my dulce

my baby..our bunso!

dulce, my beloved pet..she is a dog and was given as a gift from a friend of my mama, we had her on February 22, 1999..since then on i fell inlove with her and so my whole family. i took care of her and had her slept beside me in bed on her crib..she was very small then as she was a mixed bred (chihuahua and i do not know).

She was a darling to everyone as she acts like a human being, a member of our family deprived only of the human ability to speak. But nevertheless she can express her thoughts, her feelings. she sheds tear when she is scolded, she hides in her solitary confinement when she is refused of her desires.

What amazes me most is the fact that she knew when my parents are leaving for Alabel. She runs to the door of our car and jumps inside as soon as the door is being open. She exudes excitement and happiness knowing that it is time to visit my grandparents, baldo (a big dog of nanay) and the fruit trees my father has cultivated.

She knew the way to “ubos” and can play along with the “askals” thereat without losing her regal bearing. She follows mama and papa as if like a toddler enjoying the vast fields surrounding her. My late lolo and lola adores her too..she sits in the terrace along with the whole family as we exchange talks on weekends. My lola often described her as having a “mayapad nga likod.”

A spoiled brat though as she knows everyone adored her and she considers herself a princess and in fact she is treated like one. She seem to have developed the ability if emphatizing with our feelings. A guardian in our house and at the same time our baby.

When she got pregnant the first time, it was a traumatic experience for her. Just one sunday morning i think, we never realized she was due to give birth. Seeing her in pain was excruciatingly painful for us as well. She was having a hard time giving birth and that we have to pull-out the pup inside of her. Sadly, through the laborious effort the pup was already dead.

However, she did not give up. She got pregnant the second time. And this time, we had her confined in a vet-clinic. She underwent CS and had 4 pups then. But only one survived up to this moment, he is Chimee.

Early this year, almost as the same time when my lola got sick she also had this bulging painful thing on her face. Slowly, she also lost her sight. We tried to check on what is wrong with her. Due to old age, the vet said her health is slowly deteriorating.

Me and papa tried to alleviate her pain by giving her medication every day and night. Months have passed and the wounds never healed. My attempt to cure her was futile. It has worsen. My daily routine includes our bonding time as i put on her medication. Had she not been very strong and a fighter, i know she could have gave up a long time ago. It was painful seeing her effort just to feed herself with her favorite yummy bones from spazzio, jollibee, kfc and ziesta. I know she misses her trips in the farm and joyride on weekends with mama and papa.

I know deep within she was holding on too for us. I knew how much she loved us as we have loved her. The night before she died i whispered to her i love her and that she get well for us. I knew then her time is near as she already refused to eat and could not even get up and carry herself to the comfort room. But i refused to give up and started cleaning her wound and took care of her medications.

Sadly, on October 17, 2008 at past 10 aM, Dulce left us. I even fed her before I left for work trying to assure myself that i will still see her later that night and which i have been wrong. She has succumbed to illness. I know she is happy wherever she is now. After all, she can now rest from the pain she has gone through for months. I know she is looking after us.

I just miss my usual routine. I miss seeing her in her bed. i miss hearing her knock on my door asking that she be allowed to sleep inside my room. i miss seeing her big butt as it sways while she walk so majestically. i miss her unique way of looking at me with her big eyes as if telling me everythings gonna be okay. i miss being able to tell her how i feel. i know she understands my innermost feelings and i know her love for us was truly unconditional. I find it hard to believe that she is gone. My baby is gone, I miss her antics and her unbelievable way of showing how much she loves us..i miss u dulce..i really miss u so much!